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Our Community rOcstar program is a social media campaign encouraging followers/fans to nominate people in their local community who are actively giving back to others either as individuals, local non-profits, or other small organizations. The program focuses on the smaller, unsung community heroes that use limited time and resources to make a difference. The following nomination categories are as follows:

  1. Health and Wellness - provides access to healthcare mostly focusing on preventative care, especially in the area of dental health, access to healthier foods, supplements, vaccines, regular checkups, etc. Wellness relates to well-being as a whole to include mental health, emotional wellness, self-care, therapy, etc.

  2. Fitness - provides access to fitness and sports programs especially for low-income families; awareness for less popular sports like soccer and lacrosse or other sports that are typically not well represented with diversity.

  3. Education - provides access to resources, low-income families may not have and includes access to back to school programs, tutoring, SAT/ACT prep. college prep, etc.

  4. Family - provides resources to single-parent families, legal help for family court, counseling/therapy, food/clothing pantries.

  5. Career/Job - provides access and resources to convicted felons looking for a job, interview skill building, resume help, non-traditional career awareness for jobs that do not require a 4-year degree, and provide gently used suits and dresses for job interviews.

  6. Adolescent/Teen Building - provides access to at-risk youth to keep them directed towards a different path, anti-bullying programs, etc.

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