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Ministry of Community Activism: The Life of Reverend Charlotte Williams

At rOc, we are laser focused on highlighting individuals who are actively moving to shape their communities. In our pursuit of finding these “missionaries” of positive change, we often encounter stories of struggle and perseverance. Rev. Charlotte Williams, a vocal Chattanooga, Tennessee activist and pastor of Eastdale Village Community United Methodist Church, embodies these attributes. Inspired by the Angela Davis statement of “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change…I am changing the things I cannot accept.”, Rev. Williams has sought out various opportunities that allow her to be more productive in her local community. Throughout her youth she has been inspired by the words of compelling leaders which ultimately led her on a path of activism and involvement in many groups including Africana Women on a Mission. Using her educational training in community psychology and theology, Rev. Williams is a founding member of the organizations CALEB and UNITY. CALEB stands for Chattanooga in Action for Love, Equality, and Benevolence and is a multi-organizational group that provides a community bail fund. This community bail fund addresses the fact that many people are warehoused in jail not due to guilt but due to the inability to raise the cash bail. UNITY is a multi-organizational group focused on social justice issues and the needs of marginalized people. Rev. Williams has been a symbol of hope to her community especially after assuming the role of pastoral leadership following the passing of her beloved father, Rev. Stanley R. Williams. Although Rev. Charlotte has a passion for helping the voiceless in her community, she desires to increase her reach in aid and assistance for their needs. She truly astonishes those who have become acquainted with her. For her tireless work in her community and dedication to the needs of the underserved, rOc is pleased to recognize Rev. Charlotte Williams and feature her as a Community rOcStar.

To make a donation towards a fundraiser to assist CALEB, click on the image below.

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1 Comment

Nitza Ortiz
Nitza Ortiz
Oct 01, 2019

We love Rev. Charlotte. She has always supported our community. Congratulations!

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